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When I stand here and look over the brothers in my club, I know I’m home. These men are my true brothers and I don’t miss the life I had before I came here. This club isn’t easy but it’s not without its rewards either.

Looking down at my daughter’s sleeping face, I can’t help the rush of love I feel for her. She may not remember her mother but I do. Buffy was my ole lady because I couldn’t breathe without her, that was— until I lost her.

She stepped in front of me when some lowlife tried to kill me with a drive by. I held her in my arms and watched her take her last breath and I thought I’d never breathe again. But I had too, my daughter needed me.

Then some lowlife snatched my daughter. Boston would burn if I couldn’t find her. If anyone hurt her there would be blood on the streets. I would not lose her like I lost her mother. Just when I was about to raise some hell Tallulah brought my daughter back to me.

Then I heard the story she had to tell and I knew someone was going to die. They wanted a war? I’ll give them a war…


Life shouldn’t be this hard… But I never knew it to be easy. Our parents were out of the picture when my brother and I were just kids. We went to live with an uncle until he was arrested and went to jail for manslaughter. Then we were on our own. Brink was seventeen and I was fourteen at the time. We quickly became street rats.

Now ten years later, Brink can’t wait for our uncle to get out of prison. Me, I want nothing to do with the man, he’s been bad news from day one. Then Brink does something so stupid, I can’t believe we’re related. He snatches a kid, but not just any kid, the daughter of the local MC.

He thinks he’ll be able to present the kid to our uncle as a weapon to use against the very people who sent him to prison. Me? I see nothing but pain here. I’ve been watching this MC and I know they will hunt Brink down and watch him bleed out.

To try and placate the MC, I take her back to her dad. I know I’ve got a target on my back now. Brink and my uncle will kill me for sure, unless the MC beats them to it, but I don’t care, the little girl is innocent and you don’t hurt the innocent.

It might be too late to avoid the war that’s coming but you gotta pick a side…