Hawkins-Rogues Of Hell MC-Single

Hawkins-Rogues Of Hell MC-Single

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When things settled down after the fiasco that was Isobel, most of the misery seemed to be over, but we still have a few things to settle yet. When I dream of my wife again after so long, she tells me to find another woman…she’s out there waiting for me to notice her.

Then we find out a friend of mine had some trouble with a man looking for a woman. Tatum…only we don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We get down the bar she owns and we find her with bruises and more than a little skittish. Then some jackass tries to set her bar on fire. We tell Rosabel that she can’t stay there until the sheriff can get this man behind bars again.

She doesn’t want to give up her independence but even she can see the wisdom of coming home with us, but as is usual for the Rogues, trouble follows her all the way to our front door. I can’t help it though… I think this is the woman who’s been waiting for me to notice her. She’s got a fire inside her that I just can’t resist.


It’s taken me a lifetime to find a man that I just can’t live without, but I may have to, until he notices me, when it finally happens. He notices me and it doesn’t help that trouble followed me to his door. The things is, I can take care of myself, I’ve had to all my life.

But I’ll take what I can get, I guess. I may not be a lady in anyone’s eyes but I am what I am. They can take or leave me but Hawkins seems to want to keep me, and I’m just greedy enough to accept it.

Then we get even more trouble showing up, two different cartels claiming two of the women in the MC. Never one to just stand there, I fight back, for the girls and for the MC. Lucky for me, I made the right call and I earned my place at Hawkins side.