Heathen-Ghost Riders MC#5-Single

Heathen-Ghost Riders MC#5-Single

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Never in my life have I ever hit a woman, a real man doesn’t need to do that, that was how I grew up and those words echo in my head every single day. I’d seen too much of that growing up and in the years since then as well. But when I saw someone point a gun at the back of a friend’s head, I reacted. I didn’t know until I knocked the person out that she was a woman.

Rather than leave an injuries woman behind I brought her with me when we managed to get a target, Witsec person away from a dangerous position. I found out later that the woman was a Federal Marshal, but she was a Marshal with a secret that could put our position in danger.

She put up a crabby exterior but I looked deeper and found a sensitive woman underneath. Someone I wanted to protect from the lies told about her. Then the whole truth came out and I knew I’d been right about her…she was worth my time and my love.


I was a Federal Marshal, but I had secrets to hide. I loved being the one to wear the badge and go after the bad guys, until five years ago when the Thorns snatched my dad and my brother and used them to get me to break the very laws I believed in. They wanted an inside man to tell them if the Marshals were getting too close. I played their game only to keep my family alive.

However, I was also looking for them to get them out of danger. My current target was babysitting a Witsec witness and when I began digging into her background, I knew she was the key I needed to find my dad and brother. When she was taken out of the witness protection program, I had to follow her. Along came Heathen and I found myself in real trouble—both personally and job wise.

Finally, my secrets come out, as I knew they would someday. But they take my secrets and the truth finally comes out. Shay uses that truth to bring down the Black Thorns and in the end…it brought my family together in a way no one ever expected.