Hell's Fury #4 Single

Hell's Fury #4 Single

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Hell's Fury

 Book #4

 Sin's Bastards MC Series


Life has turned around for the MC, his toddlers are growing and they are expecting another one soon.

Just when you think the bad is over, you find it's not. Someone from Deke's past finds him again and she wants his forever. To get him, she kidnaps his children and that's her first mistake.

Her second mistake is taking Deke's kids to her home, the home she shares with her sister Cricket and her son Dusty.

Her third mistake is thinking Cricket won't do the right thing and take his kids back, but she only leaves one child behind.

Deke wants to know where his son is, but Cricket doesn't know. Can he get his baby back or is he gone forever?

Hell's Fury will come down from the Sin's Bastards MC and when the smoke clears, who will be the survivors?


All her life, Cordy has held Cricket under her thumb, but this this is not right and Cricket has to find a way to undo what her sister did.

Taking his daughter back, she faces Deke. She has no regret as she tried to do the right thing.

But she still has one more thing to finish, she has to help him find her sister and then his son.

The sisters face a tribunal in which all secrets will be revealed. The truth will set one free while condemning the other.

 Which sister has the most to lose?