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We thought we got them all, we thought we stopped them when the last man died, but we were wrong. We only took out one layer of the virtual onion, we had more work to do.

We stumbled on yet another part of the puzzle and following through with that, we found yet another nest of vipers. Part of the puzzle was a woman named Rowen. We felt she held the key to unwrapping this next puzzle but she wouldn’t talk to us.

Why? We were part of an MC and she was scared to death of us. She wouldn’t tell us why until we found her branded. She’d been branded by another MC and they were one of the worst out there.

She told us to let her go as they were looking for her. She said they had claim on her and she knew when she got away, they would find her and they would kill her for defying them.

Well, that wouldn’t happen, not on my watch


I had lived in hell for the last two years. I found myself claimed by an MC, I never agreed to and now, I escaped. I knew they would come after me and when they did find me, I knew what fate awaited me.

Then I find the WarLords MC and they are as different from the  Eagle’s Talons MC as night and day. The Talons were into some nasty stuff with death as a welcome relief and a way out.

Could these War Lords help me and the others I left behind? Could they stop what was happening in the Talon’s compound? Would they even listen to my pleas?

Then the day comes when I no longer have a choice but to trust them and pray…