Karma's Bite #2 Single

Karma's Bite #2 Single

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Karma's Bite

Book #2 Sin's Bastards


Life has a way of biting you in the ass when you least expect it. Now it's his turn to feel the chomp of karma's teeth.

Melora is keeping a secret, his oldest daughter is sick and needs his help, but she also hates him. Just when he thinks, he's got a handle on the situation, fate strikes again, this time putting his woman in danger.

Can he save her or will fate finally get him?


She's keeping a secret from Sam and it doesn't feel right. Sam has a habit of running away from the women when they tell him he's a daddy. She tells him and he rabbits but not for the reason she thinks. Then she's taken on a treasure hunt that she may not come back from.

Will Sam stand up and be the man she needs him to be? For her and their child?