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I was Bratva first and foremost. Everything I did was in support of my origination and my family.

Then I was blindsided by her and I knew instantly she would be mine. Her first touch woke my soul and made me want more. Come hell or high water she would be my woman, only I didn’t know her story, not yet. I knew she felt the same things I did but she wouldn’t stay even though I knew she wanted to.

The flame between us threatened to burn hotter than hell itself but first she had to remember her past to put it behind us. I don’t know if she can do that but she has to because I’m not letting her go.

Then an MC came for her as one of their own, but I wasn’t letting her go. My Bratva brothers stood behind me then a threat of the blue came after her. Now we all will work together to settle the threat to my woman and heaven help the ones who threaten her.


I was four years old when my world imploded and I carry the scars from that day to this, both inside and outside my body. Then I met a man I called Papa Joe and he took care of me and raised until someone took him away from me.

The seeds of a dandelion carried my secret wishes off in the wind. I’d been wishing this wish since I was four and I hoped one day, it would come true.

Then he came into my life, the first man to stir my feeling. He was someone I thought I could be with forever, until I saw the tattoo on his chest. I didn’t know what the Bratva was but I would find out.

I might not know who or what I was but I knew he was home to me. I didn’t want to remember my life before I met Papa Joe, that brought me nothing but heart wrenching pain from the past I can’t remember.

But he can’t let me go. He won’t let me go… What’s a girl to do? I can’t stay but I can’t go either.