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After Packard escapes the cell we put him in, he leaves his men behind, showing them and us just how little he thinks of them. That is never a good position for a leader to put himself in no matter what. We think we know where he’s going— to take his compound back.

We follow, hoping to catch both Packard and Munch in our crosshairs. We got to the ridge above the compound and search for either Munch or Packard but are surprised to find the place empty. There is no one there at all.

Before we head home, we stop at Maudie’s farm hoping we can find something left to take back for her, instead we find something totally unexpected.

A woman, Lexi. She’s hurt and desperate to find GiGi for reasons she won’t tell us. I have a feeling she’s hiding something, so we take her back to Hot Springs with us. We barely get her to the truck when bullets start to fly…


I’m in trouble and I do the only thing I can. I run. Not to the cops and not to my family, I run to the only woman that’s ever stood up to Packard. Only when I get there, she’s gone and her farm has been burned out.

I’m alone and I’m scared. I know Packard will kill me if he finds me, so I hide. Then I hear someone outside, I try to stay calm but the panic wins. Only it’s not Packard I run into but another biker. A biker with steel grey eyes that are at the moment… very cold.

I can’t tell them who I am, I don’t want to die today. But instead of leaving me there, they decide to take me with them… Then Packard sees us and the bullets start flying. God, I hate that man, I really do…