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I came here to know my brother and to get a new start. I found my twin and I saw what he had and I wanted that too. Maybe I would find that here. Then I found my old life wasn’t left to be the past yet.

A man who thought I was Mikial came after me here in America and Mikial’s wife put him down. But that drama wasn’t over yet. We didn’t know much about the man who beat our mother to death. His name was Boris Ludenvic. His son’s name was Oleg and it was Oleg who died when Pepper protected my brother and I.

Our research showed us that Oleg had two other brothers and they made the mistake of coming after my family here in America. But the Bratva never forgets. Or forgives it seems. Oleg and his brothers have a lot to answer for back home.

Now it seems the brothers are here and looking for payback. Coming after me might have gotten them a few broken bones but when they come after my daughter, well that will get them dead.


When most people looked at me all they could see was white trailer trash. I couldn’t help where I grew up but I am a decent person and my clothes may not have fit me well but they were clean and tidy as well. I walked out on my drunken mother when she tried to sell me when I was fifteen.

That was nine years ago and I’m still in hiding, mostly because the man she sold me to, is still looking for me. He seems to think I belong to him and he won’t take no for an answer. I don’t belong to anyone and I will fight to keep my freedom.

But when I see someone snatch a little girl off the streets I know that just isn’t going to happen, not in front of me it isn’t. I snatch her back and protect her until I can get her home again.

Then her father accuses me of taking her in the first place. Misunderstanding and accusations lead to me ending up in a cell, but there isn’t a cell that can hold me. Then talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I end up in more trouble but I’m able to stop a hit on the little girl’s father and his friends. That lands me in bigger trouble all the way around. Well, what the hell is girl to do?