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When Sandy comes back, all is not as it seems… and it gets complicated very soon…She tries to get Frank alone but he isn’t falling for her schemes. But that’s the least of the trouble she brings around. How she survived the bombing to crawl up the face of the cliff to find her way inside is anyone’s guess.

Then she claims she is Elizabeth. Frank cannot afford to chance it. Her visit to the VIM only earned her a padded room in the hospital but Frank warned the doctor she was dangerous. Dangerous she might have been but she pissed off the wrong people and they come to collect their due.

But the assassins who came for her are known for taking out anyone and everyone the mark knows. So when they come after Frank and the VIM, they find they can’t get to them so easily.

Someone unknown to the VIM then goes after the killers themselves. Lancelot who has been brought in by Frank, follows and grabs up the lone hitter after they took out the assassins.

What a mess but when all is said and done—they now have a new mystery on their hands.