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I work as a cop during the day but I’m also part of something much bigger than just me. I am a part of the Hell’s Fire Riders. They call me Legend because of a gift I have. I can think like a bad guy and have used that gift to save their asses on more than one occasion.

Long before we made our home here in Sabine Pass,  this town had a tragedy happen. Twenty three years ago, they said a man went crazy and murdered almost his entire family. No one ever knew why but people love to talk and give their own ideas. They said his wife was cheating with another man and her husband just went off his rocker.

Now the only member of the family that survived the slaughter comes to find the truth, but there’s more than one someone living there that doesn’t want the truth to be known. They will do anything to prevent that, the same as I will do anything to protect her until the truth is known. Who will win this battle is still up for grabs but I’m betting on my MC to help win this fight.


Twenty three years ago as I’ve been told, my father went insane and murdered his beloved wife and five of his six kids. I was the only one to survive as I wasn’t home when it all went down. Now, I’ve come back here to find the truth.

Along the way, I found an uncle that had been missing in action since that time. Between the two of us, the puzzle pieces are falling into place. We both just have to survive long enough to finish getting the pieces put together.

But as with every small town, they tend to protect their own secrets but this is one that needs to be known. I won’t stop until everything comes out. But I can’t do it alone. I have to rely on some help from an unexpected source. The truth will be known and let the chips fall where they may.