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“With some people, you can’t show any mercy.”

Years ago, I met someone and fell in love for the second time in my life. I’m not a man that loves easily so when it happened twice I fell hard and I thought she did as well…
When she disappeared, I looked for her for the longest time. If she didn’t love me, I needed to hear it face to face. But I couldn’t find her and as much as I tried to close off my heart I couldn’t… Evelyn would always have a place there.
Now I find out she may have left me but it wasn’t by her own volition. Someone had taken her away from me. I want her back and I’m going to get her back
When she was kidnapped, she had a secret and now that secret is out. I have a daughter I never knew about.

I’m going to find them both and bring them home.

Thirty years ago, I was so much in love with what some people would consider a bad person.
But Leon Vincinti was anything but bad. I loved that man with all my heart, then I was taken away from him and held against my will.
All I had was the hope that he would find me, then I found out I carried a small piece of Leon with me, right under my heart. Our daughter was born just before Christmas that first year.
She grew up and I grew old under someone else’s watch. Then Meena was let go but I had to stay. I had no contact with her or Leon. I was barely holding on, still praying he would come for me and reunite our family
Will he come for me or was I going to spend the rest of my life locked away? Please Leon, help me…