Lies & Liars Sins #5 Single

Lies & Liars Sins #5 Single

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Lies and Liars
Book #5

Sin's Bastards MC Series


Everyone has secrets they wish didn't exist. Cricket has one she doesn't remember in the daylight but it often comes to her in a nightmare. Her secret is a man named Bane. When he finally finds her, he tells her more secrets about her family and demands she return something back that her parents took from him a life time ago.

When he threatens the MC, she has no choice but to try and find the missing item. She takes Raine with her only because he won't let her go alone. 

Only one problem, she has no idea what she's looking for and time is running out.

Can she and Raine find what her parents took from Bane or will he put an end to the Sin's Bastard's MC?


When Izzy came to her friend Melora's aid, she found her forever man, Mountain. Then she found out her whole life was a lie when she discovered the father she never knew she had. Family means a lot to Izzy but the family she has with Mountain means even more. 

But evil finds a way to disrupt their happy ever after yet again.

Can Mountain protect her from it or will fate win this round?