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In our first strike against the cartel, we issued them a mighty blow but we didn’t stop with just one, we hit them several times in one night. We had already taken out the kingpins… now we had to go after the second generation.

Then a kid led me to a causality of the war on the cartel. She got hurt when the warehouse blew up. At first, she wanted nothing to do with us until she found out we were there to fight the cartel.

Her name was Nala and she came with baggage, baggage by the name of Paco who was her little brother. They were here to find their mother but she was afraid her mom was a victim of the cartel.

She had nothing to go back to or, to go forward too, until I told her to stay with me. There was just something about her I couldn’t forget. Something I couldn’t put a name to, but I knew she could help us. I made a deal with her, we would help her find her mom, if she would help us.


We shouldn’t have been caught up in this insane war but we were. The cartel snatched our mother and took her away, leaving me alone with my little brother, Paco. We were citizens of the United States and they had taken our mom by mistake. Same name, just the wrong woman.

All we had to do was find her and bring her home, then the Soldiers of Hades hit the cartel and blew everything to hell. I couldn’t move, so Paco went to find help. He brought back a man they called Lightning. They named him right… He was a bolt from the heavens and when he hit you, you singed with the flame.

I didn’t know who to trust, I wanted to trust him. I really did but too many people had lied to us. I had to make a choice and I did, but did I make the right choice? Only time will tell.