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On our way to Bastian and Bane's compound, we stop at a rest stop and pick up an extra passenger. We discover her along the road and she’s got a story to tell us. As soon as she mentions the situation she is in, I know the others will want to know what she has to say.

She tells us her family’s money is being used to back a powerful group of men. Men who are definitely hurting people. And her mom is being held hostage by them. She knows her time is running out and so is her mom’s.

I have to help her, I have to stand at her back as she faces the most painful truth. She may never see her mom alive again. She’s already lost so much, her dad and her granddad I’ll be damned if she’s gonna lose her mom too.


I’ve reached the end of my rope. With nowhere else to go I went out on my own. I had to try and find my mom. Then I blew a tire and almost wrecked my bike. So I hitched a ride. Who knew I’d find the one man I was meant to find.

A man called Brodie but it wasn’t until later I found out he had a second name- Lionheart…His friends were scary but I made a deal with them. Help me and I would give them the information they needed to bring down an evil empire. It was the only deal I could make and I had to trust someone.