Malverde #2-Single

Malverde #2-Single

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We came back to be close to Wren and her child and found more than we bargained for. My father took a chance and went back to resign from the cartel. For the first time in forty years, he was walking away from a life my mother never wanted but she wanted him.

My father listened to us, as he always had but then he wanted to change his life as well. So we began looking into a different kind of life. It was going to be a change for us all. But before we could get too far into it, we found a challenge from the past. A young woman came to warn us that the war her uncle started may not be over yet. Her father was still around and he thought we’d just lay down for him.

Well he’s about to find out differently. I finally found a woman like my own mother, stronger than she knew and she had a backbone too. I was going to stand between her and a bullet if I had to, she would be worth it, to me.


When my father learned that his brother was dead, his chains were finally broken. He was crazy most of the time and my uncle restrained him but now my uncle was gone and he declared war on another cartel. He swore to end the Meran line. I finally got the courage I needed to break my own chains and start my life over. I left New York City and my father behind to go and warn the Merans of my father’s vows to end them.

I got there and told them and then they refused to let me leave. I had nowhere else to go, so I stayed and brought my mess to them anyway. I worked with them and I told them what I knew of my father’s way of bringing down the pain. He had to be stopped.

I finally had something good in my life and I wasn’t going to throw it away. Cameron claimed me and I thought he was crazy as we just met then I realized how long you know a person doesn’t matter if the feeling is there. I wanted to know if he felt the same way. I had to know…