Minki-Bratva Born#4-Single

Minki-Bratva Born#4-Single

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When we took down the Dawgs, we found another woman during the takedown. Yvanka. She was hurt but with some care, she woke up again. She knew who we were and exactly what we were. Then she told us about where she came from and who had been holding her and her mom. She begged for our help to rescue her mom before Vivik killed her.

She also told a story of this man Vivik who hated Sergi Constantine with a passion. Part of this story reveals a shocking fact that the Bratva never knew.

With her help, we find Vivik’s camp and we find her mom, but she wasn’t safe yet as Vivik hid a surprise for Sergi and the Bratva. Sergi decides to take down Vivik one way or another. Yvanka tells us exactly where the Vory V Zakone are and how to take them down.


All my life, it’s been just me and my mom. She told me about my dad but I never wanted to know who he was. I did know my mom loved him but he never loved her, so I didn’t need to know him.

Then the day came when I met the man face to face. I think I knew who he was all my life but meeting him just somehow made it all real. He was shocked when he met me and then he got mad at my mom for not telling him about me.

But that was his fault, not hers. Then he finds out who took us off the street and why. Boy was that man pissed. After they rescue my mom, I tell them where Vivik and his group of Vory V Zakone are hiding. I want Vivik to feel the burn like only the Bratva can inflict. I want Vivik to pay for what he has done to us and others for too many years. I want a front row seat to his downfall. Then I can deal with my father as a man.