Misha- Bratva Blood Brothers 12-single

Misha- Bratva Blood Brothers 12-single

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MISHA, The Son of the Leader Of Bratva


I was used to being alone and I thought my life was at a point where I could enjoy an easier life, then I met her. She turned my well oiled life upside down and inside out.

I thought I was too old to find this kind of love again, isn’t that only for the young and foolish?

As I am drawn into the chaos that is Zeta, I find myself going out on a limb for her…a limb I haven’t been on in years.

Is she worth it? You bet your sweet ass she is. I’ll kill to protect her and I’ll die to save her, if that’s what I must do.

I’ll claim what’s mine and when I do, she’ll know it too.


Everyone makes mistakes and mine is a doozy. The only good thing about my mistake is the little girl with my red hair and her daddy’s green eyes.

But when he throws us away like trash, I meet the man I could fall in love with. My life has never been easy but when Misha touches me, I feel like I’m home.

Then my brother and my ex come hunting for me. My brother is a fugitive and my ex wants to kill me.

I can’t stay but I don’t want to leave either. Misha could end up dead because of me either way.  I’m torn… And for once in my life, I want to determine my destiny. Then I find out Misha’s secret. Could we have a future?

Only a miracle can save us both now.