Born Of Desperation-Montana#5-Single

Born Of Desperation-Montana#5-Single

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We got the Smoke...


When we finally found the third man in our evil tree, we planned on getting him and taking the other two down as well. But things don’t always go as smoothly as we like. One of the bumps along the way is Leeza Morgan. A cousin to Rhetta and Renee but as they tell us, she’s a loose cannon.

We find out why they say this as soon as we meet her…Leeza as she’s called by friends and family has been out there rounding up Jack Camero’s goons. She travels with two Mastiffs she calls Sodom and Gomora. Oh and she prefers a bow and arrows to a rifle. I have no idea how she hasn’t ended up dead yet.

When she sees the necklace I wear to remember the man who murdered my family, she tells us about a secret compound she found by accident a long time ago. When we see the man behind the walls of the compound, rage overwhelms us all. We’ve run into this bastard before, in the deserts of Iraq and after a bomb destroyed his face, we all thought he was dead, until today…


When danger comes to the swamp we all band together to protect our home and this time is no different. My cousin took down a warehouse filled with ammunitions and bombs. She also burned down Richard Keller’s house that her papaw died for.

Then these same men came and killed my daddy. So I went on the hunt. I can track a gnat if I want to. When my cousins bring some bikers into the swamps, they aim to bring down Jack Camero. As I have no problem with that, I agree to help them. Especially the one they call Montana. He’s got a story and when I hear it, I’m intrigued.

Then I share a secret with them and all hell breaks loose in the swamps. These men want to take out both Jack and his brother but first they got to learn how to fight like a swamp dweller. Their head on attacks won’t work here and they know it. They aren’t stupid, but neither are the Camero brothers. But they don’t expect the bikers to fight like we do. That’s what will make or break the battle…