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As the fight with the Zetran’s heat up, so does the danger surrounding us. The sheriff and his goons have us pinned down to the compound, or so they think. They aren’t even trying to hide their agenda. If we step out of the gates, they will arrest us. It doesn’t matter if the charges are trumped up or not.

When I went out to collect Stinger and Fallon, I almost got caught but I made it back with my passengers, plus one I didn’t know about. We only found her because she sneezed. Then we found out who she was as well as what she was hiding, and all hell broke loose.

We might not want her in the compound but we had reason to believe the Zetran’s wouldn’t want her either, in fact they might even want her dead. We couldn’t let that happen. What happened hadn’t been her fault and I’ll be damned if another person dies at the hands of the Zetran family. This was war and the outcome would be the right to survive.


I never knew who I was until I lost my mom when I was ten. I found a bundle of papers after she died with a letter and my birth certificate. The letter explained so much, like why we had to keep moving when I was growing up. We were hiding, but for a reason. I also had to keep the secret because someone out there didn’t want me to be alive.

I didn’t understand it then but as I grew up in the system, I learned. Then I began hearing things about this family and I had to know if the rumors were true. So I came and I watched them. I’d been here for about a year and no one even knew I was watching. But now, I’d seen enough.

Then I made a mistake and they knew I was watching. My only hope of survival is to join the Thor’s Hammer MC. So I snuck in…