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I’m living the good life now, got me a great woman and another kid, hell I even got me a grandkid.

Then my phone rings and my world goes dark.

It’s a voice from my distant past. One I never expected to hear again.

But the past is something you can’t run from, instead you have to face it and let the chips fall where they may…


Mountain rescued me once before, a lifetime ago. He made me a promise back then and I need him to keep it, both our lives depend on it.

I hate to disturb his new life but I don’t have a choice, only he can stop my stalker, the man determined to end my very existence.

Mountain has more to lose than I do but his brothers won’t let that happen and now I found a place I can feel safe.

The trap has been set, now all I have to do is wait but I’ve never been a waiter…

We both have a reason to survive this, can we do this together or together will we both lose?