Nash-Rogues Of Hell#4-single

Nash-Rogues Of Hell#4-single

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I was still adjusting to Cat’s little gift and I knew I had to accept her for the sake of the club. I might not like it but I had to live with it. I took a walk to get my head on straight and ended up caught in the woods after dark. That’s when I met Bear face to face. I knew if I wanted to get out of there, I had to do something. So I apologized to Bear for how I’d treated Cat.

Then of course, someone caught me doing this. Only problem was she was caught in the woods after dark as well. Well, at least, she was up a tree and didn’t have the wolves in those woods breathing down her neck. After we watched the wolf accept my apology and got back to the clubhouse, I learned who she was.

Tempe had ties to the club almost thirty years old and they weren’t good ties either. Her dad killed one of our own and stole from the club and her mom was Cash’s sister. And that was her only saving grace, according to the club. She couldn’t change the events of the past but if we helped her trap her dad. Bring him to justice for his crimes against the club and for every day of the rest of his miserable life, she would do her part and give us the money back.


I knew my life on the road had no purpose, my dad seemed to be running away from something bad. When I found out what he’d done, I finally understood why he was running. My mom knew it all along and she still stayed with him.

We moved from town to town all my life but when mom got sick, she wanted to come home. My dad brought her home and he even stayed but not because he loved her. No, they made a deal, he brought her home as long as she promised to tell him where she hid the money he stole from the club. He left the day she died. But she never told him where the money was.

I had to hide every time he and my brothers came around looking for the money. Money, they would never find anyway, mom told me where she hid and I in turn rehid it. So now, we were playing a waiting game he would never win.

The day finally came when he found me, but he found me too late. I had the club behind me and he had nothing left to threaten me with.