NICKY-March 16th Bratva #10 Single

NICKY-March 16th Bratva #10 Single

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MARCH 16th



Till The End Of Time

I'm an IT for Bratva, working for my father Nikoli Silvanic. Don't call me a hacker...I just do my job. I'm the best of the best. Until someone breaks down my firewall. Challenging me and finally besting me.

I search the net for this phenom and then get a message..."HELP ME"

Then I search out this person in a very bad place... only to find her.

She's in trouble, beaten, afraid.

Nikoli, head of the New York Bratva, my father hates her...

I have to protect her from all sides. I cannot lose her.

I will love her till the end of time.


I'm in real trouble. I took a job I shouldn't have. Then I tried get out of it.  A man who hates the head of the Bratva now wants me dead.

I meet sweet Nicky and I feel like life could be good again. I could be safe.

Then the Bratva accuses me of working for their enemy and now they want me dead too.

Will Nicky ever forgive me?

(The story of Bella and Nikoli Silvanic continues in this  book)