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Hell's Fire Riders MC, the Devils Advocates & the Crimson Tide, all join in Born Of Desperation


When I went to war, I expected to find myself in hell but hell was so much more than bombs going off and being shot at by the enemy. It came from all sides and when the smoke cleared, we found the real horrors of war when we found the guns the enemy were using… were our own.

We tracked them as far as we could over there and when the military was done with us, we came home to try and pick up the trail here. We found our old commander under fire and we stepped in to save his hide and he led us to the Advocates and then to the Crimson Tide boys.

Now, we got a new mission… The military flat out lied to Jackal about his brother’s entire family being dead in a car crash. He came to find out someone shot them in their own home. What did his brother know that made him a target?

Part of our mission has changed but the part that hasn’t, has to do with tracking down the bastards that got some of us killed. We have yet to discover if the two are linked but if they are, this is even more twisted than we'd thought.


I was only six when the world I knew crashed the day my dad came home… Suddenly, I was alone and told for the next dozen years or so that my family and everyone I loved was gone.

Then by accident, I found out this was a lie. I overheard my jailer tell someone else that my sister might be alive. I didn’t know what was true anymore but now, I had hope…Something I thought I’d lost forever. All I had to do was hang on.

Not long after that, the world I knew for the last dozen years or so blew up around me yet again. For the second time in my life, I was carried away but did I trade one jail for another? At least with the first jail, I knew where I stood. The leader of the group that took me away from my imprisonment was named Nitro and he was anything but safe. At least for me, he wasn’t…