No Regrets #3 Single

No Regrets #3 Single

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No Regrets
Sin's Bastards MC
Book #3

We all do things in life that we regret. Her regret will follow her the rest of her life. Raine tells her, her regret will be getting out of jail soon.

She wants to run but Gator won't let her. He's been beside her for so long, he wants this regret to go away. Reva's regret is called husband and he went to jail for a reason. But she's been keeping a secret for seventeen years.

Can she find the courage to face the evil coming for her and reveal her secret?


He wears different hats for different people, but the one he wants the most is claiming Reva for his own. But Reva isn't free, she's still married to a man who hurt her seventeen years ago.

With Gator standing beside her, can he convince her to wait for her regret to come for her? To end once and for all the fear she's lived with for so long? They both face the devil and when Reva reveals her secret, they will either live forever or die today.

 Will fate smile on them or turn her back?