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 When we took down the new cartel storage area, we found someone tied up inside. I couldn’t let her be killed when the building blew up, so I grabbed her quick and got the hell out of there. I don’t know what she did to get a death sentence but no one deserves that.

I don’t even know her name but I’m glad I got her out of there. Just moment after I did…the building blew.  Damn, that was close, one minute she’s out cold the next she erupting in my arms. We haven’t got time for this shit, so I throw her over my shoulder and get the hell out of dodge.

She should have told me she doesn’t travel well over the shoulder… but she didn’t and when she loses her lunch down my back, I’m about ready to strangle the damn woman. What did I ever do to earn this? Except try to save her…

Sienna (Sunny)

Oh lordy, how do I get myself into these predicaments? I have no real idea but the gods of luck or fate don’t like me. I’ve always had the worst luck and being clumsy doesn’t help. When my parents died fifteen years ago, I went to live with my uncle. I don’t know why he stepped up to take me on, though. I mean it wasn’t like he wanted me there with him. He made that quite clear from day one. I think the only reason he kept me was for the money, but I had no clue what money he was talking about.

This latest trouble wasn’t my fault, it was my uncle’s fault. He more or less sold me to clear a debt he owed to some bad people. Then he left me there and I had no idea if he was coming back or not.

Then these guys show up and all hell breaks loose. This guy tries to get me out of the warehouse before anyone finds us but my luck held up again and the bad guys found us before we could get away. Then I puke all over him and now I have no idea where they are taking me.

But do I really care where we’re going? Nothing could be worse than staying in that warehouse, could it? Maybe my luck will change for the better? It couldn’t hurt... Just go with the flow Sienna, go with the flow…