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I am Bratva and proud to serve those who protect our nation, even if it’s from another country. I work with the Enforcers, I am known as a Ghost.  I know how to hide in plain sight.  I am also one of a family whose loyalty to Russia and the Bratva has never been questioned.

When we rescue a waif from the camp of our enemy, I know I have to save her. Then I find out who she is. A deal was made a long time ago, a deal to unite two strong families. A deal I thought had died when I was told she had died. But with each breath she takes now, I want that deal, I want her and I want to destroy the men that treated her so badly.

Elaina belongs to me now, and I will die to protect what’s mine. I will also crush those who mean her harm. One look in her eyes and I can see her soul and it calls to mine. Da, she belongs to me…

But first... the Red Claws have to be dealt with.


Growing up, all I ever knew was pain and fear. My mother was my rock and she protected me until she couldn’t anymore. Then I was lost and stumbling in the dark for a long time. It got to the point where I would have welcomed death.

Then I was rescued from the darkness I lived in. When I opened my eyes and saw the man who rescued me I felt hope for the first time since I was a child. He was part of a dream my mother had spoken about. His grey eyes spoke to something broken deep inside my soul.

For the first time, I had a reason to fight to live. My mama told me that one day, I would meet a man who would offer me his hand and if I had the courage to take it… he would give me the world. This was the man she was talking about and in days to come, I would take his hand and let him show me the world through his eyes.

But first there is a threat to be dealt with and the price might be a high one to pay…