Out Of The Shadows (HADES) BOOK FOUR-single

Out Of The Shadows (HADES) BOOK FOUR-single

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NEW RELEASE (you cannot get this story anywhere else)

The Fourth Book In The Whiskey Bend MC Series

He'd die for her, he'd kill for her... What he won't do, is live without her...


I was haunted by too many memories, too much chaos I could never forget.

I was used to being alone, the demons I battle ever day demand that, then I met her…

The first time I laid my eyes on her I felt a connection. She was the other half of my missing soul.

Her life is in danger and I’m not about to lose her now, I only just found her.

I will hunt this man down and make him go away once and for all...

But if I do, will she give me a chance? Can I keep her, forever and a day?


I’ve been running for a long time now, leaving everything I am behind me.

Every day I live in fear that HE will find me again and finish what he started five years ago.

Hades came out of the darkness to save my soul when I needed him the most.

Is this my fate? Or wishful thinking on my part?

Can I embrace this man who I think is my missing half? Or will fate finally have its own way and destroy me?