Out of the Shadows-Whiskey Bend-#4-Paperback

Out of the Shadows-Whiskey Bend-#4-Paperback

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The Fourth Book


The Whiskey Bend MC Series

He'd die for her, he'd kill for her... What he won't do, is live without her...


I was haunted by too many memories, too much chaos I could never forget.

I was used to being alone, the demons I battle ever day demand that, then I met her…

The first time I laid my eyes on her I felt a connection. She was the other half of my missing soul.

Her life is in danger and I’m not about to lose her now, I only just found her.

I will hunt this man down and make him go away once and for all...

But if I do, will she give me a chance? Can I keep her, forever and a day?


I’ve been running for a long time now, leaving everything I am behind me.

Every day I live in fear that HE will find me again and finish what he started five years ago.

Hades came out of the darkness to save my soul when I needed him the most.

Is this my fate? Or wishful thinking on my part?

Can I embrace this man who I think is my missing half? Or will fate finally have its own way and destroy me?