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When the group I’m with comes back together, we are all ready to burn up the highway. We have a mission and the clues are coming together, as to who and what betrayed us in the sandbox. We need to follow the trail that Richard left.

We need to hunt down this man, stop him from doing what he did to us and to our brothers. Along the way, we find just how deep his betrayal goes and the further we dig, the more we find. But Richard has a network of places to hide and we keep missing him.

We finally catch a break and we catch him unawares. The battle rages and we finally get a little help, in the form of a fighter we didn’t know was on our side.


All my life, I lived with secrets and lies. So when the truth finally comes out, I am pissed. My mom always told me she didn’t know who my father was but when he comes bursting through the door one night, I almost put a cap in his ass.

Then we find out why he finally showed up at our door and I wished I had put a cap in his ass. He tells us he’s on the run from a biker’s club and the lies start all over again. The one thing I can’t stand is lies and that’s all this bastard knows. He portrays himself as the victim here, but the truth begins to shine through what he’s telling me and I don’t want what he’s shoveling.

I try to get away and he leaves me broken, then the bikers that he’s running from help me and in return… I help them. It’s a win/win for everyone but Richard and I’m okay with that.