Pappy's Shadow Hell's Fire Riders Bk#1 Single

Pappy's Shadow Hell's Fire Riders Bk#1 Single

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Hell's Fire Riders MC

When Stone “Pappy” Masterson meets a younger woman,
she rocks his world, but McKenna has secrets--the kind of
secrets that can kill or get her killed. Will Pappy be able to
save her?
I won’t let her get away from me now that I’ve found her. An
old enemy of mine is after her and he is one of the deadly
kind. I need to protect her and stop him, not only for his
deeds of the past but for what he intends to do to McKenna.
I’d never met a man like Stone. A leader of men. Older than
me, but so sexy and hard for me to resist. But resist him I
must, I won’t put him or his Hell’s Fire Brothers in harm’s
way. It will break my heart but I will have to leave him behind
when I run away once again, from Hades.