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I was following  the Seeker and when I found him, I had to protect a houseful of innocents by blowing up an incoming copter. Then the story gets a little complicated when I have to tell them the man they got locked up is the one I have been following for most of my life.

The good thing? I found a girl I could only dream about. Years ago, I met her and she was the one I never could forget. I often wondered whatever became of her and now I know. She’s been there in my dreams, only she’s been dreaming about finding me too.

I only have one thing left to do and that is take away everything the Seeker has, but now I got help and we set off to do just that. He has two stashes of stolen weapons he wants to cash in and have enough money to start all over again. And I’ll be damned if I let that happen. I asked Becky to wait for me and she told me I’d better come back for her. You better believe I will do just that…


I met him years ago when I was just a kid but I never could forget him or what he did for me back then. Now he’s back and I’m all grown up this time. But Murphy’s Law says that anything that could go wrong will go wrong and before I can blink… he’s going away again.

I watch him leave and can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever see him again. Then when he told me to wait for him, I told him he’d better come back for me this time. Then we all play a waiting game. A dangerous one as the DOD keeps coming.

Will any of us be alive when they come back? It becomes a game of only the strong survive.