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We all have our own secrets and mine are bloody nightmares. I spent four years fighting for my country in the desert sands of Afghanistan when I was too young to be there. I did things I can never undo, seen things I can never unsee and cost the lives of three men that still haunt me.

Their screams still haunt my dreams and because of that, most people think I’m a bastard—most people but not my brothers in the MC. They always have my back same as I always have theirs. Some of our missions, we fight the good fight. Most people don’t know why I do what I do but the ones that do understand… they’ve known me a long time.

I hate this Thorn group and now, I’ll fight to the bitter end to stop it in its tracks. I know its going to be a long fight but I’ll be there the whole way. They are traitors that haven’t been found yet, but now we’re going to find them, and F their shit up.

Then we get to the mountains and find a puzzle that needs to be solved. The land that’s supposed to be empty— isn’t. The owner died twelve years ago or so we were led to believe. The people here there are tracking the Thorn group too, can we work with them or will they be contrary and not share the info we need to work with? I guess we’ll find out.


T.J. (Tari Jeanne)

When you are the only girl and the youngest of a family of five kids in a military family, you have to work hard to make your own place in the world. I learned to kick my brother’s asses when we were kids. Being a nerd got me the most grief, but now, my nerdiness is paying off. I work behind the scenes and find the unfindable.

The things I do… I do for my country and when we’re invaded by bikers on a mission, I go a little crazy. One of the leaders is getting under my skin and I’m not sure how to handle him.

We seem to be fighting the same fight and they have the key to unlocking the mystery we’re trying to solve, can we work together? We have to if we’re going to bring the Thorn group to their knees.