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As VP of the Sinners, I have to listen to the talk on the streets. When I hear rumors about a threat out there, I hear more than just the rumors, I hear that this sort of thing has happened before.

Then a baby is left on our doorstep and the note with the kid claims he’s mine. I have no knowledge of the mother, so I’m intrigued why she thinks he’s my kid. That means I have to find her.

Which isn’t exactly easy, Boston is an easy town to get lost in and with the tourists getting in the way, it isn’t easy. On top of that, rumors are spreading around the city about the bodies they are finding. Bodies just like they found twenty years ago.

I have to find the mother of my kid before she becomes a victim. But it’s a race I’m willing to run…

(Diamond) Jocelyn

Lord, I hate the fact that my mom was a stripper back in her day. I almost lost my mom when I was just a kid, in a rather nasty way, so I grew up being sheltered. Kids can be so cruel and there was always someone there telling me what to do.  So when I was old enough, I did things my way. I hated my first name, one that only made all the kids tease me, so I started going by my middle name.

I met him one day when he asked me if I needed a ride. I got on the back of his bike and my life was never the same after that. That was a year ago and now, I need his help again. I’m being hunted but I have no clue why. I have a feeling someone is after me because they finally killed my mother. I might risk my life but I’ll be damned if I risk Rio’s.

I gave that man two things, my innocence, and my baby son. I can only get one back when this is done, I just hope I’m still alive to get my son back. I guess that will depend on who finds me first…