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When I found my daughter after a lifetime of looking for her, I was more than surprised and happy. That she was in love with a Bratva guy, I wasn’t so sure I could live with that. But I guess being a biker and a father, I couldn’t tell her who she could love. We love who we love.

I can’t say I was in love with her mother when she was born but that wasn’t her fault. I didn’t know what love was really all about until many years later. Then when I fell, I fell hard. I was so much in love it about killed me when she disappeared. And my heart still felt it five years later.

Then I realize I might have a stalker. I can feel someone watching me. The only thing is I don’t feel threatened but it is disconcerting. Then I find out who’s watching me and I have to make a choice… The woman I fell in love with five years ago is back, the choice? To accept her back in my life or turn my back. Can I live with a woman who lied to me? One who just disappeared on me?


Five years ago, I met the man I was meant to be with. I waited so long to meet him and finally, I did. I fell so hard, then I was dragged away from him, and I couldn’t get back to him. My brother and my uncle demanded I trick a family to say I was their long lost daughter, so I could claim her inheritance. The daughter had been a friend of mine but she died a long time ago.

The only way I could claim the money was to go to Russia and take her place. I didn’t want to, what they were doing was wrong but before I knew it, we landed in Russia and I had no choice. I hated what we were doing and it took me three long years to find a way to escape. Then it took me another year to get back to America.

Now I‘m watching the man I love to see if he even missed me. When I see he has ties to the Bratva I know I can’t make contact. For what my brother and uncle made me do, the Bratva would make me pay the full price. But I can’t leave Pride behind.

When my brother and my uncle show up, I don’t have a choice, Pride will either save me from them or not… but either way, I’m not going back to Russia. My uncle will kill me for sure now. I let the truth be known before I left Russia. The only thing I have left to lose is my life.