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475 Pages Of Heat

Talon BOOK 1

The Princes of Hell had raised him, had taught him the ways of the MC. He’d grown up running the streets with the men his dad called brothers. Now he is the VP. After the death of the MC founder, their MC is now facing threats of a takeover and a debt owed to the Bratva Mob. His MC Life just couldn't get more edgy... or could it?

Rogue BOOK 2

I'm the top Lieutenant in the Princes of Hell. All I can think about now is one thing. Get my VP and best friend’s kid back safe. I made a promise and I intended to keep it. And no one better get in my way. I’ve killed three men already to get to the kid. When I found Brett… a woman was with him. I had no choice but to take her back to the club. She had to be in on it with that bastard, Devin and for the sake of my club, I couldn’t afford to leave her behind.

Falcon BOOK 3

I’m the Enforcer for The Princes of Hell. I earned my patch from Prospect on up over the seven years I been a brother and I’ve killed to keep my title. I’ve had to take out some pathetic trash for the club, many times.

Now, as I stand by Talon’s side to face Devin Brooks, another piece of pathetic trash—that secret came back to bite me in the ass.