Prosper-Sinner MC-#3-Single

Prosper-Sinner MC-#3-Single

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 Releases May 15th


I belong to a brotherhood that is more than just a brotherhood, we are a family where loyalty means everything. We’ve seen a lot and done even more but we protect our city, our brothers, and our families.

Boston is our town, where we live, and where we play, but we share the city with many other factions and the mob. We try to keep the peace but sometimes, we gotta stir things up to dig up the burnt pieces on the bottom of the pot. Tensions are beginning to build in the city and now, one knows where the threat is coming from.

We can all feel it but it’s not visible yet. Our first clue comes when we have a break in at one of our businesses. What we find surprises us all. And that’s when the real battle begins and we fight for our place in the hierarchy of the city, we call home.


I love watching the stars glittering the skies at night and the only place you can see them when you live in the city is from the roof of the highest building. I climb to the roof of a nearby building just to watch the stars. One night, I saw more than I bargained for.

Boston never sleeps. There was something going on all the time and while one part might be sleeping, the rest of the city was still going strong. But this odd feeling around the city was growing and no one knew why. But I knew why.

Looking over your shoulder isn’t an easy way to live but I have a feeling if I saw them that night, they could have seen me too. As a witness, I know what I saw could bust this city wide open and there is the threat of a war in the streets. But I didn’t know who I could trust to tell what I’d seen.

One night, I hear footsteps behind me on a lonely street. I duck into a club and hide. The footsteps stop too and I’m trapped. Then the Sinners found me. Did I dare tell them what I saw that night? I didn’t want to start a war but in the end, I have no choice. I told them everything and let the chips fall where they may. I just want to survive…