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As the enforcer for the Thor’s Hammer MC, I wade into the fight rather than run from it. I do that to protect my brothers, and because that’s just who I am. I don’t start trouble usually, but I’m not afraid to throw a punch either.

Except that the punch I threw to stop a shooter, hit a girl. Knocked her right out, I did. But this girl wasn’t just any girl, she was Bethany f*cking Zetran. Justice Zetran’s granddaughter.

She can help us in our quest against her family but will she? She’s holding secrets back from us and that makes her dangerous, we know and she knows we know it. Will she betray us in the end? That’s something I won’t let happen and I’ll do what I have to, in order to make sure it doesn’t happen.


All my life, I’ve lived in the same place with the same people and I learned a long time ago that my family was toxic. They just didn’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. Anyone who spoke up against them was ‘handled.’

Grandpa ran this town like he had the absolute right over the people’s lives who lived there. He hurt people, he just didn’t give a damn. I grew up knowing that and knowing that my family was running a damn drug lab. They were making money off the lives of others because of the designer drugs they were producing. I hated that.

Then things began falling apart. Secrets were finally coming to light and my family was running scared. The lies they told were coming back to bite them in the ass. I didn’t know why I took my rifle with me that day or why I took the shots, I wasn’t aiming to hurt anyone. Then someone sneaks up behind me and it was lights out.

When I came to again, I was surrounded by bikers and law men. I begged them not to kill me. When I saw the timeline, they had on their wall… I felt broken inside. My family really are monsters. These men were just trying to stop them… looking into the eyes of their women I knew I had to help. This madness had to stop, my family had hurt enough people in this lifetime. Would I live long enough to help or would my grandfather deem this an act of betrayal? I guess I was gonna find out.