Raine Sin's Bastards MC Next Gen #1 Single

Raine Sin's Bastards MC Next Gen #1 Single

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Book One Sin's Next Generation

Never had a choice


Karma truly is a bitch, just when things are going so good, she loves to slap you upside the head.

We thought the problem with Cordy died when she did but we were wrong. Only when Bane comes back into our life do we find the truth and it's an ugly truth.

Cordy took something a long time ago, that wasn't hers to take and she put the blame on Cricket's shoulders.

I feel helpless. I may not be able to save her this time. Not me or the Sin's Bastards.

Fate may take my woman and I hate that feeling…


All my life I've never had a choice.

When I was a child my parents made choices for me, then Cordy took over.

For the first time I was my own boss but then I find out I may not be able to have a life after all.

Even from the grave, my sister screwed me over, but now it isn't only my life on the line.

There's a little something I haven't told Raine about yet.

Will I get to tell him or should I take my secret to the grave?