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It all began with a photo sent by my dad’s phone. I don’t know who sent it but I was going to find out. We were able to track the phone and we found my dad all beat to hell. He’d been on a run and was on his way home when he was ambushed.

We also find her, GiGi and she tells us what happened. Her own brother and his friends took my dad down, our president, for his ride. When we find out the reason my dad was ambushed, we are determined to get his bike back.

She warns us it won’t be easy, they took the bike for the leader of the local gang, the Acers, and a man everyone in their area fears. But as Masters of Mayhem, we don’t fear anyone. Then we find out the truth about this man everyone fears, a truth five years in the making.

And we’re pissed.

This time, we’ll bring the war to his turf as we’ve been looking for him for five years now, since he attacked us and left three of ours dead in the street. Now, we will go into battle and let the strongest survive.

We are the Masters of Mayhem after all…


I had to stand there and watch my brother and his friends almost beat a man to death. I couldn’t stop them but I could help the man when they were gone. I got him to a safe place and began treating him. But I also knew he needed more help than mine. I contacted his kid and didn’t have to wait long before I was invaded by his MC.

When his son, Rancer finds out what happened, he sent some men to recon the area. What they tell him fires the man up to blood rage. It seems they’ve tangled with the gang before and it ended up not to be so good.

Now, they plan to go to war and that’s never a good thing. All I can do is pray for the innocents to be safe. And that means Rance and his MC too. They didn’t invite this but I don’t think they can just let it slide either.

Lord help us all. The Acers are about to meet their own fate.