Roman  Bratva Blood Brothers #5 Single

Roman Bratva Blood Brothers #5 Single

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Bratva Blood Brother Book #5

Roman is a stubborn man and when someone comes to threaten what he considers his he digs in his heels and won’t stop until the threat is gone. He protects what’s his.
Stevie is his future and he knows it. They are stronger together than either of them will admit.
He wants a future with her. He’s not going to let her go, not now.
Out of the blue, he’s faced with his past, two men come to see him, one claims to be his father while the other claims to be the brother he lost a lifetime ago. Not only that but Stevie tells him she’s carrying his child
Can Roman have it all? His family and his past?


Stevie has never know what being part of a family means. Can she rely on Roman to stay with her?
When they first met, she knew there was something special about him. He stands with her and Benny when everything should tell her to run, now she can’t bear to leave him.
She wants to stay but she doesn’t want to bring her problems to his front door. She would rather leave than watch anything happen to him.
She finds out she’s carrying his child but she also knows he won’t let her leave once he knows. Then there’s the fact that his father doesn’t like her.
Stevie finds she isn’t going anywhere and that Roman can and does protect her from any threat. For the first time in her life she feels safe and loved.