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When our club joined the Bratva in order to stop a mad man, we also became targets in this not so little game of destruction that Dmitre Rustonvic has planned. We’ve helped foil plan after plan that has cost Dmitre men and gun power, but no matter what we do… he’s not giving up.

The man made one really stupid mistake when he tried to bomb our compound. He didn’t finish what he started. He failed but we didn’t. Now we’re taking the fight to him and he’s running.

Then I find we aren’t the only ones hunting Dmitre. Not even close… First, we find Fanci, then we find her… Jules. Two very different women with the same goal. Fanci wanted him dead but so did Julie for an entirely different reason. The first time I saw Julie, she was pointing a gun at my head. Only it wasn’t me she was shooting at, but the man who was aiming his weapon at my back.


I’d been watching Dmitre’s camp for about four days now and I am just about ready to make my move when all of a sudden, bikers show up and ruin the element of surprise I had going. I was ready to shoot someone and it wasn’t Dmitre…

While the bikers are showing off, I’m taking out the snipers Dmitre had watching over his camp. That was the least I could do. Dmitre and his council slipped out of camp while these bozo bikers were raising hell and that made me pissy as all get out. Now, I would have to track that rat all over again.

It’s all I can do to warn them not to follow Dmitre into the water without a boat. Damn fools, there’s gators in these waters. Sweet Jesus, how long have these guys lived here anyway? Rookies…