Run With The Devils Collection (JAXSON SERIES) Boxed Set

Run With The Devils Collection (JAXSON SERIES) Boxed Set

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Six Full Books: Jaxon Book 1, Ghosts Of Retribution Book 2, The Last Vow Book 3, Blood Covenant Book 4, Wrath Of Thunder Book 5, Run With The Devils Book 6


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Untamable. Cold-hearted. A fire for anarchy in my bones. She met my every desire with a heat all her own… A twist of fate brought me Chloe. Lips of a goddess, Curves that shook my soul. A sweet innocence I claimed for my own. Now, like a dark curse, Karma's coming for me… My karma's a regret that haunts my soul. If she discovers my secret, it'll be my destruction. Meanwhile, a devil's at our heels - playing a covert game. Evil with a merciless sense of justice. But she's mine, and mine alone. I vow to do anything to protect her. Anything, even if I have to come back from hell. It's suicide for us to be together. In more ways than one…