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When you’re young and dumb, you only get one chance at a do over and the choices you make reflect on your own future. I made a choice when I got out of juvie jail and I don’t regret it. I hooked up with Hayes, Acer and Stomper, then we found a man named Beau.

That brought us to finding Hayes' younger brother DJ and now we got hooked up with the Savaged Souls MC. But I already have one strike against me, I like fast cars and hot women, then I found them both in one woman… Charity.

Now Charity comes with her own baggage but she fits right in with the rest of us. Then she shares her secret with us and we have some garage to clean up.


When I disappeared seventeen years ago, everyone thought I ran away but I didn’t, I was taken, then I was sold. But I’m a fighter, not a loser and I fought to get my freedom back. Then everything I thought I had behind me was gone. My sister was missing as well and there was an imposter in her place.

I searched for my sister for years but could never find her, instead I found my calling. There were other women out there just like me. I had to save them, then I meet Runner but more important I find my sister…

But my work isn’t done, I have to shut down this skin game I’m trying to bust wide open. I can’t let the girls down I consider my family….