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I’m a Road Captain in my MC. It’s my job to protect my brothers and I do it very well. When my pres and his VP both find the one woman in the world for them, I want what they got too. I want my happy ever after.

There’s not too many women out there that would take me on. Oh, they would try but most women are afraid of my looks. At six foot seven, there is nothing little about me. But I’m also hard as a rock and I know how to protect those who depend on me. Hawk made me a Road Captain because of my skills, hand to hand, gun, or knife…I know what I’m doing.

Or at least I thought I did, until SHE came around. She’s called Queenie but she’s holding back secrets that could be nothing but trouble. Trouble for us, trouble for her, and trouble for one of us who left a long time ago…It is trouble we never saw coming…


I grew up in an MC down in the south of Maine. My grandpa’s MC. I knew the rules and respected them. Then a good friend of mine got into some trouble about five years ago. I stepped up for her back then and while I don’t regret what I did, I know I have to make it right.

Then I hear some whispers finally. So I have to come to Boston to see if the rumors are true. That’s when I meet Saber. He’s big, broad and oh… so fine. I have a feeling he’s not going to like what I have to tell him and his MC.

Everything inside me is screaming to let the past go but I can’t. Even if it kills me, I have to share my secret with them. Then let the chips fall where they may.