Saint-Whiskey Bend MC-#9-Single

Saint-Whiskey Bend MC-#9-Single

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I thought I lost my brother Nick to the war on terror and that hurt me more than being a POW for a year and a half. Then three years later, I find out he still’s alive. I have to find out for myself and my men. So, I go back to a place that means home to me. Whiskey Bend.

Coming home was wonderful, not only did I find my brother, I found he had a wife and a brand new baby too. The Leroy line won’t end with Lucifer and me. My men and I also found a place to call home.

Then an unexpected guest finds us and she had a secret she tries to hide. But secrets never go over well with men like us. Secrets can get you dead. We’ve been there done and that so we don’t want to start all over again.

Somewhere along the line, this woman began to mean something to me but when her secret comes to life, we all band together to help her fight back. At least this time, I know what I’m fighting for and yes, she’s worth it.


I was born under a dark star to a woman, who never should have had a child, but life is rarely fair and you have to deal with the cards you’re dealt. My mother had the worst taste in men and I learned what not to look for.

I finally got away from her latest mistake but it cost her this time. Only thing was I knew her mistake would hunt me down to get me back. I was more valuable to him than she ever was. But I wasn’t going back. Not to that kind of life.

I had a real chance to start over with a clean slate if I kept my mouth shut but then he came looking for me. He put someone I cared about in danger and I couldn’t let that happen. But Saint wasn’t going to let him take me away either.

He showed me I mattered to him and that was kind of nice for once. Dare I take the chance and stay? God, I want to, I really do. But the choice was taken from me… Which one would win the day?