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I’m Bratva and I work for the five brothers. I have been with Yuri since we all came to the United States. I’m one of those men who stands between them and their families for a bullet. But that’s my job, that’s all I ever wanted to do.

But with the trouble lately, I’ve been working overtime, then I found something.  A thread I need to pull and when I do, I find a threat we didn’t know was out there. I knew I had to check it out, so I knew what we were dealing with before it became a problem.

Then I made a rookie mistake and got caught. I thought I was going to die until an angel came to my rescue. She got me to where she knew I’d be safe and I couldn’t let her go. I dragged her kicking and screaming into my world and I only hope she’ll forgive me one day.

I know there’s going to be blood spilled soon and I’ll be damned, if it’s going to be hers.


All my life, I’ve watched and waited while life went on around me. My family just sort of forgot I was even there. So, I made my own family on the streets.

W have all heard the whispers on the street. Something terrible is coming and there’s no way to stop it. Then I’m in the right place at the right time to stop a murder, but to stop, it I have to break into a place and help someone escape.

Then it seems he doesn’t want to let me go, not even when I tell him it had been my own brother who took him hostage. When he asked me what the group was all about, I told him the truth. God save me but I couldn’t lie. I think I started a war.

I try to run but he won’t let me go. To tell you the truth I don’t really want to leave, as I think I found what I’ve been looking for my whole life, a place I can call home.