Sazon Blood Brothers #4 Single

Sazon Blood Brothers #4 Single

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Book #4 Blood Brothers Series


I am a man of honor and what I have I earned with my own two hands.

I can be ruthless and I would live and die for the brothers I found when I was nothing more than a kid.

 As soon as I touched her our connection was bonded.  She is the missing half of my soul and to be without her now would leave me half alive.

I plan to protect her whether she wants it or not, she’s a stubborn as I am and her quest might just kill her.

To be with her will be heaven. To be without her would send my soul into a lifetime of hell


I may be small but I’m determined. I was taught by the men in my life to stand up for what I believe in and nothing will take my honor away from me. I won’t let it.

When I met him, it was like meeting the other part of my soul. He completes me like no other ever would.

I loved him at first sight even if I didn’t recognize the feeling but not even he will stand in my way. I must get justice for the death of my grandfather. Family honor demands it.

I’m torn in two direction, I want justice, but now I finally have something I can’t bear to lose, Sazon. Everyone is telling me I can’t face him but I’ll have no one else stand in my stead. I must face this particular killer.

I must face a monster and win, using everything I was ever taught. Will it be enough to win or will I fall under my own blade?