Sergi Bratva Book #11 Single

Sergi Bratva Book #11 Single

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Bratva Book #11


I was taking power of the Bratva when I met her. I…Sergi Constantine became leader of one of the most powerful organizations in the world.

My son was almost grown and I wanted something for myself.

I found that something with her for at least a little while, then one day—she was gone.

I never knew why but I couldn’t forget her all this time.

Then I found her again, and she blew my world apart.


I was young and in Russia for a job when I met him. He was older and wiser and if anyone knew—I was with him— I could lose everything I held dear.

But that didn’t stop me from seeing him, that summer he stole my heart.

When I left him…I took a piece of him with me. I could never tell him about our son.

Then I saw him again, and the fear in my heart was very real, but so was the love I still had for the Bravta leader known as Sergi Constantine.

This man oozed power and danger and I’m caught right in the middle.

The truth will come out now, so let the chips fall where they may, I could still lose everything, but Sergi might be there to catch me when I fall.