Shade- Devil's-Advocates-MC-#5-Single

Shade- Devil's-Advocates-MC-#5-Single

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Things are finally settling down in Baton Rouge after the upset with the city government and the Kings street gang going rogue. We’ve lived here in peace for ten years after our old leader took out the Dogs of Hell MC.

We even put down a second wave from the very MC we rooted out ten years ago. But now things are settling down again. Better knock on wood before it’s too late.  

Then Ragen came to us. Hot on her heels was a stalker who wanted her dead before she could get her message to us. When we find out her message came from a dead man… Jackal loses it. The man who sent the message was his brother in arms.   

Now we’re going on the hunt, to find the truth and to find a killer. What we uncover stuns us all—a shit storm waiting to happen.


When I left Arizona three weeks ago, I had my uncle’s blood on my hands. He literally died in my arms but before he did, he gave me a message…I needed to get to a friend of his. No matter what, I had to get this message to Jackal.

I had to leave him in a hurry because someone out there, wanted stop me anyway he could. He almost caught me three times and he was hot on my heels when I finally reached the compound.

Just as the stalker was about to get his fourth chance to stop me, I’m saved by one of the bikers. He drags me to safety and I finally get my uncle’s last wish done. Jackal on the other hand, isn’t happy to hear what I had to tell him, then he got down right dangerous when I told him my uncle died to get the message to him.

These men are going to war and I just hope they all come back alive.